The continuous technological evolution, we see continuously involved in investment towards the purchase of equipment among the most innovative, this allows us to guarantee high quality of our products.


And ‘the department where the raw material, the polyethylene granules, is converted into films, through a mixing process, molding and wrapping.

The use of different blends of raw materials and additives, and the implementation of appropriate process conditions, allows to give the film a wide variety of features. Use of dyes master allows to obtain color films by mass.

The Fama Plast is committed to maintain its modern and efficient extruders park, in order to provide its customers with quality products at low cost.


The department Print provides printing and coupling of different types of materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, nylon …), with cutting-edge machines. Among these, the UTECO ONYX 810 can accomplish steps Press until 1100 mm and print a maximum range of 1200 mm; thanks to the “gearless” technology provides a definition of high-quality printing and consistent over time.

For the prepress Fama Plast uses qualified experts, who suggest to the client the best solutions to its demands.


The Department of welding the tubular film obtained by extruding or Print is sealed and cut in bags, in the size required by the customer. The sealing is done by thermal melting of the surface layers of the film: an absolute guarantee of good performance, for optimal protection of the packaged goods.

The welding department Fama Plast , bolstered by a large fleet, can provide bags of various sizes, from small sizes to big bags for bins.


The rewinding department performs the cutting of bobbins coming from extrusion or Print, to make coils with the diameter, the band and the spindle required by the customer. The possibility to set with precision voltages and the winding pressure, and the use of photocells, allow to obtain coils with fine winding heads aligned and regular along the entire length of the coil.