The laboratory is at the heart of our production activities. Our team of expert researchers use hi-tech instruments to guarantee high standards of production and quality. They continuously monitor our production, analyse the materials used and study customer packaging in order to provide better, more convenient and high performance solutions.

Product checks

It is crucial that we can supply our customers with a product that always meets their needs and specifications, and that guarantees high productivity. For this reason, our lab technicians constantly tests and checks the products being manufactured, assisted by our quality and production teams; they also carefully analyse the raw materials used in the production process.

Research and development of new formulations

Drawing on their consolidated expertise in polymers and flexible packaging, our technicians are always engaged in research and the testing of new, high performance materials. The goal of this research is to develop eco-sustainable packaging and to offer customers a wide range of ever-thinner products with guaranteed high performance.


Our instrumentation


  •  Dynamometer
  •  Ball Drop
  •  COF (Coefficent Of Friction)
  •  Elmendorf


  • DSC (Differential Scanning Calorimetry)
  • Thermal contraction (Shrinking)
  • Welding (Weldability Threshold)


  • MFI (Melt Flow Index)


  • Specular Gloss
  • Wetting Tension